Welcome! My name is Itzel, and I am an Intuitive Astrologer; also a wife, mom and web designer and programmer. I love everything paranormal, esoteric, rabbit hole diver and spiritual memes hoarder. 

My goal is to help you unlock the mysteries of your soul through your Astrology chart. I use my intuition to look at key points in the chart such as wounds/healing needed, past life, and soul purpose. I also look at your chart from a business/career perspective. 

I discovered Astrology after studying briefly different modalities such as Angelic Healing, Tarot, even Coaching (Business & Life), but nothing fascinated me more than Astrology. Even though I have been studying it for just a few years, I have gotten amazing feedback from my clients about the accuracy of the readings. 

Astrology helped me re-connect with my inner child, who one day went into a library, and found a book about the solar system. I was just totally fascinated with the Universe, the planets… and I still remember fondly those Astral travels to different planets. 

Studying my birth chart has helped me immensely in understanding myself and why I am the way I am; and I am dedicated to help you find your way… Astrology is the soul blueprint based on the moment in time (and location) that you were born. 

And this is how Cosmic SoulQuest LLC was formed; to help others with challenges in life, healing needed, soul purpose in this lifetime and help them navigate through these challenges. Visit the Work with Me section to see the services that I offer.