Another month went by… with some powerful aspects such as Saturn square Uranus and Mercury Retrograde now in air sign, Aquarius. It is fascinating how Astrology and current events manifest; such as the last day of Mercury Retrograde, just a few hours before it stationed Direct, a plane had engine failures, and thankfully was able to land. These are the things that usually occur during Mercury Retrograde!

Now on to March, one of my favorite months (I had my daughter right a day after March Equinox). One great thing is that this month, all planets are moving direct; until the end of April. 


We start off the planets shifting into signs with Mars on March 3rd; which will move into Gemini. We pick up the pace, from Taurus, which focuses on letting things simmer, to go-go-go energy; wanting to do it all, multitasking and needing mental stimulation. This is a good time for learning; whether it is to hone your skills, or just learn about anything interesting such as conspiracy theories or just history (or both as Gemini is dual). 

Then Mercury moves into Pisces on the 15th; where it is in its detriment; which means this planet is not operating at its optimal level. It might feel like we are back in Mercury Retrograde! We get more connected to our intuition, our emotions… and use more our intuition and gut feeling for making decisions. We get more touchy/feely and sensitive. 

On the 21st, Venus moves into Aries which is also in detriment, but It has its advantages, such as being more bold, forward in relationships; and can help spice things up in that arena. The downside is focusing more on the needs of self versus others; which Venus does beautifully in its opposite sign which is Libra where it rules. 


We have the New Moon in Pisces on the 13th, while the Full Moon in Libra on the 28th. With the New Moon, this is an excellent time to go within; take some downtime and just look at what things you need to wrap up, and evaluate your goals for the next Astrological year. 

With the Full Moon, I find best to release whatever is throwing off our balance in life; what things are keeping us distracted from our soul’s path and let them go. 


On March 20, we have the Sun moving into Aries at 5:30am EST; and starts a new Astrological year with the Spring/March Equinox (northern hemisphere). The March Equinox has to do with growth, new ideas, new beginnings, and longer days. 


Pallas Athena moves into Pisces; perceptions can become a bit blurry with this transit; but also we gain wisdom from compassion and empathy from others. This also can be a very creative time. 

In general, this month is about wrapping up, releasing and getting ready for the new Astrological year… a year of new beginnings, and hopefully we see the light at the end of the dark tunnel that is our current state of the world. 


  • 3rd: Venus sextile Uranus, Mars in Gemini
  • 4th: Mercury conjunct Jupiter
  • 5th: Sun square North Node
  • 7th: Pallas in Pisces
  • 10th: Sun conjunct Neptune
  • 13th: New Moon in Pisces, Venus conjunct Neptune
  • 15th: Mercury in Pisces
  • 17th: Lilith in Pisces, Mars sextile Chiron
  • 20th: Sun in Aries; March Equinox
  • 21st: Venus in Aries, Mercury sextile Uranus, Mars trine Saturn
  • 22nd: Hygeia Direct
  • 23rd: Mercury square Mars
  • 25th: Mercury square Nodes
  • 26th: Mars conjunct North Node, Sun conjunct Venus
  • 28th: Venus conjunct Chiron, Full Moon
  • 29th: Sun conjunct Chiron
  • 30th: Venus sextile Saturn
  • 31st: Venus sextile North Node, Sun sextile Saturn