The New Moon in Aquarius on February 11, 2021 will occur at 23 degrees of Aquarius; at 2:02pm EST. The Moon will conjunct the Sun as with every New Moon, forming part of the Aquarius stellium of planets transiting: Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pallas Athena. 

New Moons are excellent for setting powerful intentions; it’s the time of the month to get clear on our goals. With this New Moon in the sign of Aquarius, it’s an ideal time to release and let go of attachment, being true to yourself and come up with new ideas. 

The New Moon will form a semi-square to Chiron, a weak square to Mars, and a conjunction to Mercury; while it forms a trine to the Lunar Nodes. 

With the semi-square to Chiron, it might be frustrating and challenging to be able to express ourselves fully, to overcome our wounds; patience and compassion with ourselves is key. 

The square to Mars brings some tense, frustrating energy, and also patience is needed, and finding a positive outlet to release this energy. 

The conjunction with Mercury can bring us sudden flashes of insights, and enhanced focus; especially for going within and do some introspection. 

The trine to the Nodes may be the key to overcoming these challenges; it reminds us to follow our heart, our intuition and allow you to come to terms with expressing your authentic self.

One thing that makes this New Moon a good one is the conjunction between Venus and Jupiter in Aquarius; which can bring new opportunities, good luck in finances, love and relationships. 

This Moon would have been very potent, but the fact that the Moon is Void of Course dampens things a bit; great potential but without the backing to fully move things forward. Especially with Saturn squaring Uranus, which are the dispositions of the Moon; and the fact that Mercury is stationed Retrograde. 

All this Aquarian energy, which is mental, visionary we can balance, integrate with Leo energy; which is creativity and the heart and passion.