The Full Moon in Virgo on the 27th is a great opportunity to look at what habits, routines, patterns we can get rid of that are not aligned with our health, wellness and our daily routines; also get rid of any clutter in our life; whether it’s our space, our files, or our mind. 

The Full Moon will occur at 3:17am EST; at 8 degrees of Virgo; it will be interesting this Full Moon for me on my personal chart since it will conjunct my North Node! 

With every Full Moon, it’s an opportunity to release anything that isn’t aligned, or doesn’t match our vibration; or that is keeping us stuck. Full Moon rituals may consist of writing down what we want to release; and burn the paper, or just simply journaling what needs to be released. 

The Full Moon will oppose Venus, form a trine with Uranus, and will form a quincunx with Saturn and Chiron. The Full Moon’s dispositor, Mercury, is just picking up speed after stationing Direct a few days ago; and is approaching a conjunction with Jupiter. 

With the opposition of the Moon and Venus, it might highlight where we tend to people-please and sacrifice our own needs; where do we devalue ourselves? Think about this when you do your release journaling. 

With the Moon trine Uranus, this can bring some unexpected events, mostly harmonious, or surprises. Also, can give us a boost with our individuality and standing up for ourselves and what we believe in. 

The Quincunx with Saturn and Chiron, can suggest having some caution, or even frustration with any emotional wounds we might have around self-worth, people-pleasing, and confidence; but this can also bring some insights and clarity into what needs to be released and how.

The sesquisquare of the Moon with Pluto can heighten our sensitivities in terms of the wounds and issues we need to address and release; and once we let go of the need to control outcomes, we can get further insights. 

Also, we are still under the powerful aspect of Saturn square Uranus; which may allow us to look at what needs to be changed, what no longer works for us; and look into new perspectives.

As the dispositor of the Moon, which is Mercury picks up speed, it’s an excellent time to gain knowledge, learn from past mistakes and plan accordingly how to move forward. Stay tuned to messages from synchronicities, your guides about how to move forward in your soul’s journey.