The past month of January had the most intense aspects, probably from the whole year! Looking back, Mars in Aries at the anoretic degree, right before it moved to Taurus really left a mark in the world with the events that happened in the Capitol in Washington DC; the eeriness of the Mars/Uranus conjunction during the Inauguration, the squares to Uranus and we topped it off with Mercury stationing Retrograde. All was overshadowed by Neptune squaring the Lunar Nodes, with an air of deception and illusion. 

This month has the same tone when it comes to astrological aspects; even as Mercury stations Direct, but we do have Saturn squaring Uranus energy most of this month, which can be the most impactful aspect we will have in February. 

February will start off with Mercury stationed Retrograde, the aspect of Neptune squaring the Nodes fading and Saturn square Uranus building up. It’s a month of introspection, discernment of information and seeking the truth on a collective level, and even our truth, our authenticity on an individual level. 

On the very first day of the month, the Sun in Aquarius squaring Mars; this can bring  some frustrating moments; triggers and ego issues. A possible buildup of tense energy could be volatile; if a positive outlet for this energy is not available. On an individual level, it may help to do some form of physical activity to use this energy wisely. 

Venus that same day joins Mercury, Jupiter, the Sun and Saturn in Aquarius; making a stellium of planets; seeking freedom; in relationships we might be seeking the unconventional and being more authentic. With this stellium in Aquarius, our main focus is on the collective and issues that impacts us all. 

The New Moon in Aquarius will happen on February 11; it’s dipositors, Saturn and Uranus will be squaring off at the time; which is about the need to break free from the restrictions, the conventional. 

Saturn square Uranus exacts on the 17th of this month;  just as past squares, this one will happen 3 times; this can bring some unexpected events that might bring change on a collective/global level. It’s a conflict between the conventional, old, structured vs the new, unconventional. 

The Sun then moves into Pisces; shining a light on  tying loose ends and wrapping things up since it’s the last sign of the zodiac; also shining a light on our intuition and emotions. 

Mercury stations Direct on the 20th; and things might glitch past that day due to the post-shadow period. Prior to this, it’s a time of re-evaluating things, especially our thought patterns, beliefs and see how we are all connected; also evaluate our friendships and other people we relate to on a consistent basis. 

Venus ingresses Pisces on the 25th, Venus in this sign is exalted; so this is a better placement for her. Our feelings, emotions and intuition gets heightened; especially with Venusian themes such as relationships, finances, values. 

The Full Moon in Virgo on the 27th is a great opportunity to look at what habits, routines, patterns we can get rid of that are not aligned with our health, wellness and our daily routines. 

Overall, this month has the opportunity of revealing some truths, about ourselves, peeling the layers of what isn’t aligned anymore, the old structures, patterns, beliefs; it’s a month of introspection; a month of finding our authentic selves, but also of seeking the truth among the sea of disinformation and illusion, by using our intuition. 

February major aspects

  • 1st: Sun square Mars, Venus in Aquarius
  • 6th: Venus conjunct Saturn
  • 8th: Sun conjunct Mercury
  • 10th: Mercury square Mars
  • 11th: Venus conjunct Jupiter, New Moon in Aquarius
  • 13th: Mars sextile Neptune
  • 14th: Mercury conjunct Jupiter
  • 17th: Saturn square Uranus
  • 18th: Sun in Pisces’
  • 19th: Venus square Mars
  • 20th: Mercury Direct
  • 21st: Ceres in Aries
  • 24th: Mars trine Pluto
  • 25th: Venus in Pisces
  • 27th: Full Moon