The first New Moon of the year! We have the New Moon on January 12-13 depending where you live; as it will be at 12:01am EST. The New Moon is in Capricorn; where it is at its detriment. It will highlight control, authority issues on a global level. 

New Moons occur when the Moon conjuncts the Sun; New Moons are about new beginnings, and setting intentions for the new moon cycle. 

The New Moon at 23 degrees of Capricorn; which its Sabian symbol is “Two awards for bravery in war”. This is about recognizing the efforts, heroism, standing up for something you believe in, and being true to yourself and defending those things you value. 

With the New Moon at 23 degrees, it will conjunct Pluto; while squaring Eris. Power plays and struggles; a death/rebirth of a new era, and to add, the Moon is also forming a sextile to Neptune which can highlight illusion and deception; also gain more compassion. 


It can be a time when our psychic senses are heightened; going deep into investigating things; also the Sun shines a light on a few secrets that may come up to the surface. It’s also a great time to address any negative patterns aka shadow work. 

The Moon’s dispositor, Saturn can provide some fresh insights into social issues, integrity and finding solutions to conflicts; whether on an individual or global level. 

With this New Moon in Capricorn, it’s the best time to be ambitious with our intentions; where you are willing to put in the hard work; in also improving your social status and recognition for what you do. 

New Moon in the 12 Houses

With the New Moon transiting your first house, it’s about the image you present to the world; your focus on your appearance, your personal development; great time to set goals around improving yourself in all the areas that you need. 

With the New Moon transiting your 2nd house, this impact your resources, finances and self-worth. Setting intentions to bring in a new income stream, or create a budget to increase your savings; or an expense that you want to make. 

With the New Moon transiting your 3rd house, it impacts your thoughts, communication. Set intentions around speaking your voice, improving your writing or the way you communicate with others. 

With the New Moon transiting your 4th house, it impacts your house and family. Setting intentions around family issues, and home such as setting up a schedule for everyone to follow,  or go somewhere nice with the family; or home improvements. 

With the New Moon transiting your 5th house, it’s about children, creativity, romance and having fun. Set intentions around exploring your creativity, go somewhere or do something fun each day or even spice up the romance with your partner. 

With the New Moon transiting your 6th house, this impacts your health, work and daily routines. Excellent time to wrap all 3 into a daily ritual that suit your needs; and brings you some balance. 

With the New Moon transiting your 7th house, it impacts relationships, love and marriage. If you have a partner, time to set intentions based on how to improve the relationship, plan a getaway or a nice dinner; if you are single, maybe a time to try online dating.

With the New Moon transiting your 8th house, it impacts shared resources, sex and transformations. It’s a good time to set intentions around paying off debt, spice up your relationship, or open a savings account. 

With the New Moon transiting your 9th house, this impacts travel, knowledge, adventure and beliefs. Setting intentions around these themes; try something new such as learning a new language, trying a new ethnic food, or start a new course to gain wisdom and knowledge. Or traveling plans!

With the New Moon transiting your 10th house, it impacts career, and reputation. Any intentions such as finding a new job, asking for a pay raise, or just plan your next career move to move forward in your career life. 

With the New Moon transiting your 11th house, it’s about networking and friends; also hopes and dreams. Set intentions around finding your community in social media that you feel comfortable with, meet new friends or any way you can integrate with your community. 

With the New Moon transiting your 12th house, it’s about secrets, private self, spirituality. It might be a good day to retreat from the world and have some quiet time. Check for messages in your dreams; a good time to trust your intuition.