The New Moon Solar Eclipse will be happening on December 14; in the sign of Sagittarius at 23 degrees. Keep this degree in mind for any planets transiting this specific degree as these planets might be activated. 

The Sabian symbol for 23 degrees of Sagittarius has to do with the willingness to risk or leave the comfort zone in order to find greater freedom and meaning in life. It symbolizes new beginnings and new experiences in unfamiliar territory. Closing a door to the past and opening the gateway to the future. We might feel it’s time for a change. 

With every New Moon,  the Sun and Moon form a conjunction; this is about new beginnings, starting a new chapter in our lives; and also ideal for setting intentions. 

Total Solar Eclipses can bring significant global shifts and turning points; can bring new energy of some kind. Crucial areas of our life are now highlighted; especially our thoughts, perception, and how we take action. This solar eclipse will be mostly visible in South America.

Sagittarius is about adventures, higher knowledge and wisdom; growth and expansion; wanting new experiences through travel, study, or communication. 

The ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter, is in a conjunction with Pluto and Saturn; which restricts the planet already in detriment in Capricorn; which is like a battle with narrow thinking, not being able to see the bigger picture. We also have Saturn in the critical 29th degree and about to make a major shift with Jupiter into Aquarius. 

Below is the chart for the Solar Eclipse.

The Solar Eclipse is conjunct Mercury while forming a strong trine to Mars; which can give us a boost with focus, clarity, thoughts and taking action on things. Excellent time to get projects going; brainstorming and planning for the new shift; even though the Solar Eclipse is also squaring Neptune, which brings some confusion, and low energy. But very important, to use our energy wisely. 

The Solar Eclipse is conjunct the fixed stars Rashalgue, which can bring misfortune, epidemic infections and Lesath can bring sharp intellect and incisive wit that can be every bit as damaging as a knife to an opponent.

This Solar Eclipse asks us to take a look at our current goals, and where do we need to shift things with our perception, where do we need to take action; but most importantly, 

are our actions in line with our current thoughts? What goals are we still pursuing just for the sake of achieving, but not part of what we want anymore? 

Are we aiming to the right goals in life? Has it shifted? Sagittarius’s symbol Is the arrow; so this is a great opportunity to see if we are aiming to the right things. You might want to take some time to look at the bigger picture when it comes to our goals, and see if they still resonate with you; before setting intentions for this Total Solar Eclipse.