If you are reading this, you are most likely familiar or have heard about the “Grand Conjunction” or the “Mutation Conjunction” happening on December 21st; Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius at 0 degrees. It’s the ending of three major cycles, and the start of a new one. The December Solstice is also happening this day; when the Sun moves into Capricorn. 

Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions happen about every 20 years; and in the past it has occurred in Earth signs since 1802; with the exception of the 1980 conjunction that happened in the sign of Libra. It’s the end of an era of its movement in Earth signs. 

The transition from one element to another is called the Mutation Conjunction; which emphasizes a major shift and orientation on a global scale. 

In 1980, the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Libra (air) might have brought in the Computer age; which can be a preview of what’s to come in the  next 200 year cycle of Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in air signs. 

The last conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn occurred in 1405; which might have brought the exploration of lands, starting with a fleet of ships sailing ordered by the Ming dynasty emperor. The last closest visible conjunction of these planets was in the year 1226. 

In 2020, we are due for this next conjunction in 0 degrees of Aquarius. But let’s remember that Saturn already took a dip into Aquarius around March 22nd. This coincided with the lockdown in several places in the world and social distancing; having to do almost everything online. 

Jupiter and Saturn are the social planets; which can perhaps mark a new era of doing things differently in our society. We have seen how 2020 it has been the case; with the pandemic. Many companies have had to allow their employees to work from home; and the technology to do more things virtually such as attend school classes, or order groceries, is somewhat of a norm. 

This conjunction will form a “Christmas star” in the sky, very similar to the Star of Bethlehem that guided the Three Kings, the Magi (who were most likely astrologers); possibly that occurrence was a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction? 

Jupiter rules wisdom, beliefs, growth and expansion; and brings good fortune as a benefic planet. It represents vision, the bigger picture. Saturn is about restriction, delays, reality checks, but also about discipline. Jupiter expands while Saturn contracts. It also represents planning and implementation.  

Aquarius is the sign of revolution, humanitarians, technology, future… represents innovation. Doing things differently. Looking for alternative ways to things. It’s the sign of change. 

Saturn will re-ingress into Aquarius  on December 16, at 10:59pm EST; while Jupiter enters Aquarius on December 19, at 7:36am EST. 

On December 21, at 1:20pm EST, the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is exact at 0 degrees and 29 minutes. At the time of the conjunction, the Sun and Mercury conjunct will form a semi-sextile to Jupiter and Saturn;  and the Moon a sextile. 

Jupiter and Saturn will be in a weak square with the ruler of Aquarius (modern), Uranus; which will strengthen in January. This can bring sudden, unexpected turn of events; but also I feel we might see, on a global scale, the collective standing up even more for their beliefs, for the injustice and corruption. 

I keep hearing “We’re not gonna take it” by Twisted Sisters replaying in my head every time I think of this Uranus square. 

0 degrees of Aquarius, its Sabian symbol references things going on behind the scenes; and in another book I found this statement related to this degree:

 A huge and formidable destiny-dedication to bring all of yourself through into this world. A steadfast, adamant quality of soul. The prenatal resolve to work out all remaining karmas and be free. Intensive focus upon soul evolution. Purpose, will. You have something to grow into throughout your life. Ancient ways, unfallen heights, seeing through. Staggered by what you have taken on. Ripening on the vine. Under massive pressure from within. “ (Excerpt from the book Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale)

It would be very wise of us to embrace the lessons we have learned this year; and break free of the old and get ready for the new; also important to gain new knowledge and wisdom during this time but don’t get overloaded on knowledge since Aquarius rules the nervous system. Also important to disconnect and ground if needed. 

The expansiveness and vision of Jupiter combined with the discipline of Saturn, in the innovative sign of Aquarius is said to bring in the Age of Aquarius, the New World Order. Bringing a total reset; a reorganization of the structured that crumbled even more while Saturn was in Capricorn, influenced by Pluto. 

This can be an opportunity to do things differently; dissolve the current global fear, division, and hate. But all this will take time, and this conjunction’s effects can be felt days, months and even years after December 21st. 

I feel also with this new cycle in Aquarius, people might experience downloads on a massive scale; enhancement of psychic skills. We will be stepping in more to who we really are; our authentic, quirky self. 

With this great opportunity of Jupiter and Saturn conjunct starting this 200+ year cycle, what will you be building now that you have the tools to set a strong, stable foundation, based on authenticity? What values have you internalized that is not rooted in your soul’s path that you need to break free from?