So we’re here…in 2021. It feels like forever since the beginning of 2020! It was quite an eventful year; so much has changed. The impact was on an unprecedented level; unlike we never have seen before. The pandemic, the protests and riots, the restrictions… it was a very Saturnian year. It’s a global dark night of the soul! 

As much as I want 2021 to be different, and we are on track for that, we still have to go through some challenges. Challenges that will take us to the next level in our journey. 

Looking back at December, the biggest astrological events  undoubtedly  were Jupiter/Saturn conjunction and the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius; what an eventful month!

We start off this year with a stellium in Aquarius; as Mercury, Sun, Jupiter and Saturn will be transiting this sign this month of January; and by the end of the month, we have Mercury stationing Retrograde, again. 

Uranus stations direct; and so does Eris. Neptune  will exactly square the Nodes; as it has for the past month or so… and some quite interesting aspects to Uranus. 

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