This has been one of the most challenging years in my 41 years of life; and I can bet everyone else can agree. It was such an intense year, with so many challenges, but also tons of growth. It felt like the dark night of the soul on a global level. 

Astrologically, we went through some major planetary aspects such as it was Saturn/Pluto conjunction in 2020, and most recently Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in an Air sign. The lunation’s this year did match the intensity of the year for the most part. Now, we go through that last release we need to go into 2021. 

On Tuesday, December 29 we have the Full Moon in Cancer, happening at 8 degrees at 10:29pm EST. This is the last Full Moon of 2020; which had many Full Moons that were very intense. This one promises to be in the top ones of the year; but mostly geared towards embracing change in our private and public lives (Cancer/Capricorn axis) and releasing what’s not aligned with us. 

The sign of Cancer is very emotional, very nurturing; also very intuitive. It’s a Cardinal sign which likes to initiate things; and a water sign. Cancer sign also tends to worry, get moody and depressive at times. All signs have their dark side! Cancer also represents the home and family. The Moon is strong in the sign that it rules; which is Cancer. 

The sign of Capricorn is more about our public life, our career, also government, banking, achieving goals. 

As with every Full Moon, the Sun opposes the Moon; which is a conflicting aspect; but also brings a lot of growth from the challenges. Excellent time to shed those layers that are holding us back from our higher selves. 

Cancer 8 degrees, according to Janduz interpretation and rewritten by Astrotheme: “This degree brings about dexterity, fertility, and fulfilled life. One has the ability to bring one’s work to a successful conclusion.”  

It’s the Full Moon bringing this year to a close; and also focus on nurturing ourselves; our loved ones, our projects. 

We had the eclipse’s connection with Mercury that still rings true with this Full Moon; as Mercury opposes the Full Moon; which means Mercury is combust (aka conjunct the Sun) giving it more power. There might be lots of chatter, rumors, but is it based on actions? Is it true? We will just have to wait and see how things play out. 

We also have the element of surprise with the Moon forming a sextile with Uranus and Black Moon Lilith, a turn of events or something unexpected. Also perhaps some disruption of some kind. Sextile is not a challenging aspect, so hopefully a positive turn of events. Something might change for the better; we need to remain open to change. 

There will be a cardinal T-square in the skies with the Sun, Moon and Chiron. This Full Moon is giving us the opportunity to release past hurts, our wounds and anything that is not aligned with us. 

With the backdrop of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, this Full Moon is asking us to prepare, and embrace the upcoming changes, but we need to let go of anything that Is weighing us down. 

For a Full Moon ritual, you can go with your intuition on what you want to do; I like a simple ritual of cleansing my space and using a Tibetan sound bowl (I prefer this rather than sage) writing down what I need to release, following by a tarot reading and some meditation and quiet time (if kids allow). 


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