What a year it has been, on all levels. Astrologically, it was known it would be quite a defining year, but many of us astrologers were still astounded at the events that unfolded around the Saturn-Pluto conjunction; which coincided with the pandemic. 

We had to go through several iterations of the most challenging aspects; such as Jupiter conjunct Pluto; Mars squaring Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn (which we continue on January 2021) and feel like Mercury Retrograde this year was even more intense. 

Globally, we haven’t had a break this year, and astrologically it shows. But also with these challenging aspects there was major opportunity for growth and transformation. 

Looking back at November, it wasn’t an easy month. On a personal level it came with many adjustments, and introspection and making some changes within Soul Seeker Astrology for 2021; and planning on moving content to Patreon. 

On a collective level, well, you know. The third wave of the pandemic (orchestrated with the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction), the elections… it had been very stressful times for many, as it has been all year. 

We had Mercury stationing direct on Election Day, squaring Saturn which delayed the election results and at the time of this post, there isn’t an official winner; Mars stationed Direct, Jupiter Pluto conjunction, the Lunar Eclipse and more. 

For December, we also have a busy month when it comes to planetary alignments; being the day of my wedding anniversary as the highlight of the month; with it being on December 21st where the December Solstice and Jupiter/Saturn conjunction occurs. Huge shifts happening this month!

Mars prepares to square Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn again between this month and next year; for the third time.

I will keep this post brief; and will link to my more detailed December report on Patreon.