The Full Blue Moon in Taurus will be happening on October 31st, on Halloween Day. It has been a while since there hasn’t been a full moon on this day, since 1944! With the Sun in Scorpio, and around this time since Halloween/Samhain is celebrated, the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is thinner than ever. 

This Full Moon is considered a Blue Moon since it is the second Full Moon this month; since we had the one in Aries that happened on October 1st. On Full Moons, the Sun opposes the Moon; which can bring some conflicts and oppositions. Full Moons are an excellent opportunity to release major stuff that has been holding us back. 

This Full Moon will occur in the 8th degree of Taurus; which its Sabian symbol is “A sleigh without snow” This is about obstacles and challenges in our life, but also this symbol alludes to magic and the power of imagination to find a solution. We might find help in unexpected ways, and sources. 

The Moon will be partile conjunct Uranus; which can make this Full Moon unpredictable, shocking, any unexpected events might occur; also powerful intuitive hits/downloads. We might be feeling the heaviness of the energy more than usual. Full Moon conjunct Uranus can be eruptive, explosive; and could bring some unexpected weather events. 

With Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio in the mix and everything else, the theme of this day is about truth bombs, turning points, also with Mars Retrograde and the election being some close, there might be possible a Black Swan event between this day and Election Day. 

Black swans were discovered in Australia by European explorers in 1697; which took everyone by surprise. My intuition says get ready for a black swan event in the leading days up to election, or a few days after. Stock up on food, basic needs just in case. 

Black Swan events are events that might take everyone by surprise; or it could be also a false flag event. On a collective level, there is a lot of anger, violence, and this could spike up after the election; it doesn’t matter who wins as there might be civil unrest about the outcome of it. 

The good side of Moon conjunct Uranus is that it also helps us on an individual level to break free from any outdated structures so we can live our life as we always wanted; without feeling fear of judgement. Being our authentic selves. 

Mercury square Saturn is also a strong aspect at the time of the Full Moon, which can bring frustration, pessimism, bad news… also misunderstandings. This challenging aspect drives us into focusing more on the details; to avoid taking anything out of context. 

At the moment of the Full Moon, Sagittarius is rising; with the Lunar Nodes right on the Ascendant/Descendant. This can be about releasing heavy stuff from the past in order to move forward. 

According to, the Full Moon will be conjunct the fixed star Hamal, associated with violence, and premeditated crimes; but also favorable for marriage.

For a Full Moon ritual, you can go with your intuition on what you want to do; I like a simple ritual of cleansing my space and using a Tibetan sound bowl (I prefer this rather than sage) writing down what I need to release, following by a tarot reading and some meditation and quiet time (if kids allow). Here is a link for some other ritual ideas: 

Blue calcite is a great stone to have for the Full Moon; as it is very calming for the energy body; protects the aura, and can absorb heavy energy. Excellent for this nervous, anxious energy that the conjunction with Uranus might bring. 

The blue calcite is also great for enhancing dreams; making them more vivid and having more recall of details and messages coming through from the dream realm. 

As with any of the powerful astrological events, I would say listen to your body, if you need to rest, disconnect from social media, please do so. I also would encourage everyone to just prepare ahead for any possible disruption after the election; by stocking up. Not to live in fear, but just be vigilant and prepared. We are living in some strange times and what I have learned since the pandemic started is to prepare ahead for things. 

With the Full Moon energy, not only we have the opportunity to release what’s not in alignment with us, we also can use the energy of Taurus to ground ourselves, connect with nature, and slow down from all the chaos and just be with ourselves for a while. Think of the next steps you want to take, as we are close to the next shift happening with the upcoming planetary alignments such as the Eclipses and Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius.