I cannot believe how fast time has gone; now with 2 remaining months of the year; and we are closing in on the major shift of Jupiter and Saturn into Aquarius on December 21st. This is an important day for me as I celebrate my 19th wedding anniversary; along with Winter solstice that day. I always feel this day is really important astrologically, not only due to the Winter Solstice but there is always some major planetary configuration around that time. 


October has been quite a month; very eventful and very revealing; with Mercury in Scorpio; then Mercury stationing Retrograde,  the opposition to Uranus, then the Sun moving into Scorpio. Lots of secrets unearthed. And to finish up the month, we had (and still into at the time of this post publishing) the powerful Full Blue Moon in Taurus. 

Mars is still Retrograde and squaring the planets in Capricorn; Jupiter getting closer to Pluto while it makes its way into Aquarius where it will meet with Saturn later this year. 

Pluto joined the Direct club, so now we have Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn all stationing direct and moving forward. 

This month, we start with the Full Moon energy, which packs quite a punch when it comes to the unexpected, shocking with its conjunction to Uranus. In my Full Blue Moon blog post, I mentioned around the Full Moon some unexpected weather events; and there was the 7.0 earthquake in Greece and triggered a tsunami. Also about Black swan event(s), and we had the terrorist attack in France. 

We will be pleased to see Mars, Neptune and Mercury station Direct; but we need to be patient as we go through the post-shadow season. 

Another big event this month is Jupiter conjunct Pluto once again; which for me correlates to the second wave of the pandemic. Also, the Eclipse at the end of the month!



As I mentioned in the Full Blue moon blog post, I believe a Black Swan event might happen on or a few days around the Election; especially after Mercury stations direct right on Election Day. Mercury will be squaring once again to Saturn at the time; which this aspect happened right before it went Direct. This could bring some delays on that day; specifically related to the election. We may not know  who will be the next President of the United States that night, or the next day.

Mercury will travel back into the sign of Scorpio; and back to digging out some truths up to the surface; we have seen plenty of that happening lately. 

The last installment of the Mercury opposite Uranus series on the 17th; which can add to the possibility of shocking news and truths being exposed. By the 20th, we will be out of the post-shadow period. 


The first Jupiter/Pluto conjunction happened around the beginning of April; where we were deep into the first wave of the pandemic. Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions have been associated with plagues in the past such as with the Spanish Flu in 1918. 

The second conjunction happened around the beginning of June; where there was an uptick in cases; and now once again, Jupiter will conjunct Pluto on November 12; which we can see an increase worldwide in cases. 


Mars finally stations Direct on November 13; and afterwards the post shadow; we might feel like some of the heavy energy starts lifting gradually, and we feel we can do more without getting easily burned out, but still don’t overdo things!

While Mars stations Direct, it will again square with Pluto around December 21; then reach Jupiter and Saturn on January 2021.  We will be out of the post-shadow season around January 2021. 


We have the New Moon happening in Scorpio on November 15 at 12:08am EST, which for the most part looks like a positive New Moon; since the Sun and Moon will harmoniously aspect the planets in Capricorn (Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn) and Neptune. Scorpio rules Mars (traditional), and coincidentally, it stationed Direct right the day before this New Moon. 


The Sun moves into the sign of Sagittarius on November 21; it’s a great time to explore, go on an adventure, try something new; also sharpening our skills by learning something new, or getting more knowledge on a subject you are passionate about. I always look forward to Sagittarius season, where my firstborn came into my life! (His Sun is exactly conjunct the Galactic Center). 

Also during this season, tension builds for the next season in Capricorn; which we will have major shifts once the Sun moves into Capricorn (Winter Solstice). 


While Retrograde, Neptune stripped down illusions, and the bullshit we set as beliefs, having more clarity on things…now that it goes Direct, we go back to reconnecting more to our vision and dreams… our intuition which we need to focus on more and harness; as the fog and illusion comes back with Neptune stationing direct. 


On the last day of this month, we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Gemini; for many it can be a close of a chapter and starting a new one; also closing of some karmic cycles; since with Eclipses the Nodes are involved. I will be diving deeper into the New Moon and this Eclipse Full Moon on later blog posts. 

Overall, I feel this month will be intense especially on the first days of the month with the Full Moon energy; then around the middle of the month we may feel the shifts as Jupiter/Pluto conjunction exacts before we exit out of post Mercury shadow and Mars stations Direct. 

My intuitive thought for this month is the same as the past months. Be prepared for the unexpected and stock up, especially right before Election Day; which I feel prepared at this point for the most part. Of course with Mercury Retrograde, there was a mixup on my grocery delivery from a wholesale club and wasn’t delivered; and that’s just one thing that happened as during Mercury Retrograde both my dryer and dishwasher died, my son locked a school issued iPad permanently, and now delivery issues. I am looking forward to Mercury stationing direct and reach past the post shadow period!

When it comes to Election predictions, I will keep my opinion, but I took a look at both candidates, both have strong charts to win, but one has a Nodal Return that can turn things around to his favor. Only time will tell…


11/1 Mercury square Saturn, Venus opposite Chiron

11/3 Mercury Direct @ 12:49pm EST

11/6 Icarus Retrograde

11/9 Ceres in Pisces

11/10 Mercury in Scorpio

11/12 Jupiter conjunct Pluto

11/13 Venus trine North Node, Mars Direct @7:34pm EST

11/14 Sun sextile Pluto and Jupiter

11/15 New Moon in Scorpio @ 12:08am EST, Venus square Pluto 

11/16 Venus square Jupiter

11/17 Icarus in Sagittarius, Mercury opposite Uranus

11/21 Venus in Scorpio, Sun in Sagittarius @ 3:32pm EST, Moon in Pisces

11/23 Mercury trine Neptune

11/26 Sun trine Chiron

11/27 Venus opposite Uranus

11/28 Neptune stations Direct @ 7:58pm EST

11/30 Mercury sextile Saturn, Full Moon @ 4:30am EST (Lunar Eclipse)