It’s incredible how we are now down to the last quarter of the year! Time surely does fly. And we have seen so much happen this year; from the pandemic, to the weather events, to the unexpected deaths of prominent people… and most hope for a smoother last 3 months of the year, I know I do; but as an Astrologer, I can clearly see that is not the case. 

I wish I could tell you the next three months would be amazing on a collective level; but I would be lying. There is more of the intensity we have seen, on a larger scale. A second wave of the pandemic, more protests especially around the days of election in the United States, and unexpected weather events is what I am seeing happening. 

Someone in my family recently passed; and although I have never had a dream with her in my life, she appeared in one dream of mine; I was sitting alone in this huge house, and I had this breathtaking view of the mountains (similar to Colorado or the Alps), and the woman who passed recently told me to look out the window. I saw what looked like a tsunami coming. She told me to hide under the bed and hold on to the rail. The “tsunami” came crashing in, but all I felt was air; no water, as if it was a tornado instead; then in the dream I saw in a chart Mars square Pluto while Saturn was at 0 degrees of Aquarius.

When I woke up, I checked to see the timing of the last Mars square Pluto, while Saturn is in 0 degrees of Aquarius. I was able to see that this is around Christmas Eve; so I feel something of importance will happen; hopefully positive. And I am more than sure that the tsunami is just figurative. 

Looking back at September, we had so many intense, challenging events: Jupiter and Saturn stationed direct while Mars stationed Retrograde; Mars square Saturn Part Deux, and Sun opposite Neptune; also Mercury opposing Mars and squaring the planets in Capricorn. 

This month there are so many aspects I can highlight; but will  try to focus on those that I feel will impact us on a more of a collective level. 

Also, always remember that even if there is an astrological turmoil, as it will be the rest of the year, your personal chart can have many wonderful transits and aspects that can make of these days very good ones; so don’t feel as we are all doomed because of the current transits. It’s important that if you feel overwhelmed with everything such as news, politics, social media, disconnect from everything for at least a day and do something fun. 

In a brief summary of this month, we have Pluto stationing Direct; while Mercury stations Retrograde. We have more squares and conjunction with Mars, unexpected events, 2 Full Moons and Sun moving into Scorpio. So let’s go through some of the most prominent aspects happening this month:


We start the month with a very intense Full Moon. It is important that you know which house it will be impacting in your natal chart; so look for 9 degrees in Aries and where it falls. This Full Moon can amplify the already Mars-like energy we have in the collective with protests, anger, and short fuse. Check out my blog on this Full Moon here. 


Mars and Eris, his sister Eris, goddess warrior, agent of chaos and discord, will conjunct for the second time. First time was around mid-August; and third time will be in December after the winter solstice (for the Northern hemisphere). This is pure warrior energy; tensions reach boiling points. 


Venus moves into the sign of Virgo on October 2nd; toning it down from flashy, dramatic Leo (which is my natal placement but it hits different when in the 12th house lol). Venus in Virgo is more discerning,  It will oppose Neptune during this time; which can be a confusing aspect.

Then Venus moves into Libra around the 27th, where it feels at home; since Venus rules Libra.  During this transit certain imbalances in our life comes up related to finances, self-worth and relationships, in order to bring back balance. Also, beauty and creativity rules this transit.  It will bring some challenging aspects as it opposes Mars and squares Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. 

There will be a sudden shift when Venus moves into Libra; since Mercury will be traveling back to Libra that day; so they are engrossing at the same time, obviously Mercury coming in to the last degrees while it finishes off Retrograde station. 


OMG yes another planet stations Direct! Now all 3 planets in Capricorn are moving forward. During Pluto Retrograde many went through deep deaths/rebirths and may now be rising from the ashes, out of the cocoon and stepping into their power; or at least a better awareness of how we can accomplish this. 


Here we go again… we already went through part 2 of Mars square Saturn at the end of September. Then now, Mars as it is traveling backwards, will square Pluto and then Jupiter for the second round. This is part of what makes the remainder of the year quite intense. 

Mars square Pluto part I was on August 12. Around that time, was the shooting outside the White House. Mars square Pluto can be about power struggles, frustration… and tense energy on a collective level; truth bombs that will further crumble the shaky foundations. On an individual level; it might feel like a major obstacle that we need to overcome to step into our higher version of ourselves. 

Mars square Jupiter aspect perfected on August 4; the day of the Beirut explosion. On an individual level, this aspect gives us the courage to take on anything we desire; but at the same time, we need to be cautious… we could get overwhelmed burning the candle at both ends. 


This aspect is one of the most harmonious and life-changing ones, and one that we really need at this moment. This aspect can bring spiritual enlightenment, compassion, and harmony. It’s a time of gathering all the input, knowledge from the challenging moments we went through and use that knowledge for our growth. 


And this time… in Scorpio. We have been into the shadow period since around the 23rd of September; and it is the most common Retrograde station since it happens about 3 times a year. 

With Mercury Retrograde technology gets affected, also communication, and travel. It’s a time of revisiting things; and it will certainly revisit some aspects such as Mercury opposing Uranus. The fact it will happen twice in October and a third time in mid-November, sets the stage for unexpected events to occur. 


The New Moon in Libra will happen on October 16; and this New Moon will be quite an intense one as it opposes Mars while squaring the Capricorn planets. I will certainly write a blog post on this one!


The Sun moves into Scorpio at October 22nd. It can be a time of diving deep and further purge and detox of the body, the mind and the soul. Our minds and communication will want to go deeper than surface level.


On October 31st, we have the Blue Moon, the second Full Moon of October; and this will be in Taurus; exactly conjunct Uranus. This is the “expect the unexpected” energy that will carry on to the Election; since the Sun will be opposing Uranus. Anything can happen!


Overall, this month can be a roller coaster for many; so if you are sensitive to heavy energy, you may need to do some grounding/protection each day. I know I will. And listening to our bodies when it needs to rest, or disconnect from social media and the news. Hydrate well; eat foods that give you vitality. Less processed, more whole foods. 

Also, there can be truth bombs uncovered with the oppositions to Uranus; especially when the Sun moves into Scorpio around the 22nd. Unexpected events. 

One thing I have been mostly worried about regarding Uranus in Taurus, the pandemic and current astrological placements, is food shortage. I used to buy only what I needed so I had to buy everything weekly; now I buy bulk on paper goods, toiletries, food… and invested in some emergency food that can be stored for almost 15-20 years; just in case. 

I don’t dismiss rumors, just find what can I do about it; such as the rumors related to days of darkness; or not having power so I prepared as well in case if power goes out. It pays off to be prepared for anything in these uncertain times.

On an individual level, as it always is for challenging times, is a ton of growth. But that depends on you taking these challenges and seeing them as opportunities for growth and taking action; all these squares and oppositions are in place so we can do something about it, and grow, expand, gain knowledge and wisdom from it. You decide what to do with this information!


  • Full Moon 10/1
  • Venus in Virgo 10/2
  • Mars conjunct Eris 10/4
  • Pluto Direct @8:24pm 10/4
  • Mercury opposite Uranus 10/7
  • Mars square Pluto 10/9
  • Venus trine Uranus 10/10
  • Sun square Jupiter 10/11
  • Jupiter sextile Neptune 10/12
  • Icarus Direct 10/12
  • Mercury sextile Venus 10/12
  • Sun opposite Mars 10/13 
  • Mercury Rx 9:05pm in Scorpio 10/13
  • Sun trine North Node 10/14
  • Lilith in Capricorn 10/15
  • Sun square Pluto 10/15
  • New Moon 10/16 @ 3:33pm EST 
  • Ceres Direct 10/18
  • Mars square Jupiter 10/19
  • Mercury opposite Uranus 2nd time 10/19
  • Venus square Nodes 10/20
  • Black Moon Lilith in Taurus 10/21
  • Venus trine Pluto 10/21
  • Vesta in Virgo 10/22
  • Sun in Scorpio 6:52 10/22
  • Venus trine Saturn 10/24
  • Venus in Libra 10/27
  • Mercury in Libra  10/27
  • Full Moon 10:50am 10/31 
  • Sun opposite Uranus 10/31