There is a  super New Moon happening on September 17th at 7:00AM EST; at the 25th degree of Virgo. The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is “A flag at half-mast”. This symbolizes universal respect and appreciation for outstanding achievements. Also about honoring the contribution of other people; this can also be the end of a cycle, and the start of a new one. 

The Sun and the Moon will be forming a trine with Saturn; which can allow manifestation to flow easier. Also with this aspect, it can bring lots of discipline, responsibility and a solid foundation to build plans long term. Even with the fated Mars Retrograde causing some havoc currently, we can still use the positive energy of Mars, assertiveness and willpower to achieve anything, to reach our goals. 

The sesquisquare of the Sun and the Moon to Uranus might make it a bit challenging for us to express our true selves; a challenge that we have this opportunity with this New Moon to overcome and step in to our authentic, quirky selves. 

The square of the New Moon with the Lunar Nodes can indicate an important turning point, a change of perception; that can allow us to move forward in our soul’s path. 

To see how, and where this New Moon will affect your natal chart, check where does Virgo 25 degrees fall in your chart; which house and any aspects from the Moon to your natal chart.


First House – There can be this fire to reinvent yourself through daily routines, work, health; and do the proper inner work needed to reach to a point that you can be who you really want to be without worrying about people judging or criticizing. 

Second House – Great time to manifest money! For a better income, for those goal related to possessions such as a new car. Also great time to work on self-confidence through inner child healing or positive affirmations. Also perhaps creating a budget system you can follow. 

Third House – Your perception, your thoughts, how you communicate might have a shift based on outdated belief systems and new knowledge and wisdom coming in; and mental health improvement by meditating, and being more aware of what you consume when it comes to what you watch, read, listen. 

Fourth House – Reinvent your home! Get it organized, setup a routine for the family to keep order, while being able to run things effectively. Time management, calendars, prepping ahead and dividing house chores among the family members. 

Fifth House – With many kids at home doing online school, especially if you have more than one child in different schools, things can get chaotic. This is a great time to establish a healthy routine for children so they can excel in their classes. Also the fifth house is about creative expression; so for those in a creative block, this New Moon can help the creativity flow again. 

Sixth House – Will impact your health, daily work and routines. Even pets. What can you do to improve your health and wellbeing? What routines will give you better balance in your life? 

Seventh House – Marriage, partnerships and relationships. What intentions can be set for a better marriage, better business partnership or friendship? Make some dedicated time to really connect with the people close to you, even if it is online!

Eighth House – This New Moon can have a positive impact on shared resources (home, debt, etc) or healing from a recent breakdown, breakup or a dark night of the soul. 

Ninth House – breakthrough of what you really want, new perceptions, knowledge that you need in order to move forward; whether it is for a goal or for inner work needed for growth. 

Tenth House-  very favorable for career and business; possible opportunities for promotion or a change in career. There is also chance for a mentor to come in to guide you into the next level in your career. 

Eleventh House – you may discover a new circle of like-minded people; work on a daily routine to reach your goals. 

Twelfth House – The New Moon can bring some closure to a connection from the past, also can be the end of an old cycle, and the start of a new one. 

In summary, this super New Moon in Virgo gives us a fresh start, where we can build solid foundations when it comes to our belief system, our values, our health, routines, and more! Setting some powerful yet simple intentions can help you maximize the energy of this New Moon!