Mars stations Retrograde on September 9, 2020, in the sign of Aries; at 28 degrees. At the time, Mars will be still in a square with Saturn; and a weaker square with Jupiter and Pluto. Also, it will be opposing Juno, the goddess of Marriage. Mars will “travel back” to the 15th degree in Aries; and then on November 13, it will station Direct. Remember, planets do not move back; it is our perception here from Earth and how they are moving around the Sun. 

From September 9 – 12th, we will have 6 planets stationing Retrograde: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto… and if you want to count asteroids, Chiron, Sedna, Eris and probably more; I really don’t want to know! 

Since around July 25 we have been in what is called the “pre-shadow period” which is the last degree Mars will later “travel back” to once it is Retrograde. Then on the day Mars stations direct at 15 degrees, on November 13 that will be the start of the “post-shadow period” until Mars reaches back to 28 degrees; around January 3rd. 

Mars is one of the most challenging planets when stationed Retrograde; if you think Mercury Retrograde is intense, you may not have related Mars Retrograde with events happening at your life, or in the world at the time. It can get quite intense!


Some common theories about things to avoid during Mars Retrograde: Don’t have surgery if it can wait, lawsuits and divorces are not recommended to get started during this period, and the potential for all types of accidents and injuries is greater. In the past, we have seen many events related to anger, frustration… such as protests and riots, which has been a common theme this year since end of May. 

Although Mars stations Retrograde every year and a half, we haven’t had a Mars Rx in its ruling sign, Aries, since 1988. And. I looked even way back for more events happening during this Retrograde. 


In 1988, there were a few plane crashes that were mysterious by nature; earthquakes, hurricanes, floods that left over 3,000 casualties; and riots. One event that I found very bizarre during this Retrograde was the fact that a man blew himself up in a New York City subway!

Mars Retrograde in Aries before that one was in 1941… one of the worst I researched; World War II, the massacre of many Jews throughout the world, concentration camps, and the attack on Pearl Harbor (this last one happened in post shadow Mars Retrograde).

During this Mars Retrograde pre-shadow period, we have seen enough of a preview of what’s to come. Protests everywhere. Riots. People losing their temper and senseless brutality and killing. And top of that, it is an election year, and anything can happen. Particularly end of October and November will be the most intense. The next Mars Retrograde in Aries will not happen until 2067!


On a personal level, although frustrating, Mars Retrograde can push us forward; in committing to our goals and we can achieve a great deal during this period. The only thing is that we might not have the same energy to go fast and quick which can be a good thing; so this gives us a chance to think things through and see how can we improve. Also on an individual level, this can allow us to strip away anything that doesn’t serve us. Our thought patterns, beliefs, people, etc. If we allow it, Mars Retrograde can be a time of major growth and finding ourselves. 

We can have also major insights on what do we really want in life; so there might be some positive turning points during this time. 


With Mars Retrograde, Aries in the body rules the head; Mars rules inflammation in the body, blood… muscles. Also Mars is related to physical activity. If you have Mars transiting your first, sixth, eighth or 12th houses, know that it can be a time of putting our health first. 


If Mars is transiting your first house, the first thing that comes to mind is: careful with burnout. You might have to rest more than usual; as Aries rising can always be on the go, it may be a time to slow down a bit. Also, try to stay as calm and collected as possible if there is external forces coming at you with conflicts (aka other people). 

With Mars transiting your sixth house, focus can be on creating a healthy daily routine that can support you during this time. Although I would recommend this to everyone; but if Mars is transiting your 6th house, you need to really make this a top priority. A healthy routine can be some time for stillness and/or meditation, grounding, eating healthier, moderate exercise… 

I personally have transiting Mars shy of entering my 9th house; so that means during this time, it will go through my eighth house until January. What I digest, not only food; It can be anything I take in, will. Need to be carefully thought out to keep myself healthy. Also, this can bring conflict with shared resources. 

With Mars transiting your twelfth house, it’s important for you to let things go, let them flow; any situation that you might find frustrating, don’t overthink things, and find a way to channel the frustration into something positive; transmuting the emotion. Shadow work is a must. 


With Mars transiting your second house, there might be some issues regarding finances, your possessions; such as car, etc. The best plan is to have a savings budget that could cover emergency expenses (at least $1,000), and if you don’t, start one. Also, self-worth issues might come up, use this opportunity to strip away any insecurities and work on self-esteem. 

Mars transiting the third house can bring conflicts with siblings, neighbors, also car issues, or other traveling conflicts. Also, can test us with us standing up for ourselves and speaking up, exercise the throat chakra! 

For Mars transiting the fourth house, it can be your foundations shaken, or an actual home foundation; repairs may be needed. Also stuff from the past , mostly family related, coming up to be resolved, or for closure. 

The fifth house having Mars transiting, kids might be a handful, I can see this happening for Moms with Mars transiting their fifth house who stay with kids at home doing online school. Be creative with different ways to navigate this whole, new process. Also can be about intimate relationships shaking up. 

With Mars transiting the seventh house, conflicts with close relationships, such as spouse, partner, etc can arise. With the tempers high, it can bring dissolution, or at the very least, scorned feelings. The best approach is to avoid saying things that you might regret later. Communication is key, but the right kind. 

For the ninth house, Mars might prompt you to fight for your beliefs; there might be conflicts in that area; also knowledge and study; you might feel drawn to embark on a journey of lifelong learning, with a set of challenges in order to achieve that. Also, long travels might be thwarted at this time. 

With the tenth house, the shake ups might be career related; or business. It can be a good transit forcing you out of your comfort zone and move up to a new level career/business wise. 

Finally for the eleventh house, of friendships, goals and wishes. You could see in those areas some challenges; some friends might come and go; same as wishes that might change; also the income of your career or business might be affected. 


A few tips on managing our health for Mars Retrograde:

  1. Proper hydration. Mars in Aries is very fiery; so we need to keep track of our water intake for proper digestion and elimination. 
  2. Exercise is recommended as an outlet for anger, frustration and keeping our energy up, but should be moderate. With Mars Rx, we might tend to burnout easier (think adrenal fatigue). A moderate exercise will do; paired with good nutrition. 
  3. Headaches, migraine. Please sit down and rest. On Thursday, I didn’t take heed of this. I worked anyway. I was like a zombie in a Zoom meeting for work. I couldn’t finish the day and crashed in bed an hour before finishing my workday. 
  4. Some people might benefit from minimizing spicy and/or hot foods; especially if you have many fire placements in your chart. Colder foods. Smoothies, salads, iced tea…
  5. Also, if Mars is transiting your health houses (1,6, 8. or 12), make a special note of these tips. 🙂 
  6. The more Aries placements you have, the more stillness. But still take action on things you desire!