We have a Full Moon in Aries on October 1st, 2020; at 5:06PM EST happening at the 9th degree. The Sabian symbol for Aries 9: “A crystal gazer” The world of potential perceived through intuition and clairvoyance. A tuning into something that has being kept secret. 

Another Full Moon will be happening at the very end of this month; which will be a Blue Moon, in Taurus. With every Full Moon, it’s a time for releasing, purging and letting go of things that are not aligned with ourselves; when the Sun opposes the Moon. 

The opposition of Libra/Aries is about me versus others; and finding balance between asserting ourselves, and filling our cup versus also being mindful of others. Who we want to be, versus what others expect from us. If we don’t have balance, we are either too focused on ourselves and not considering others, or the opposite; where we might be compromising for everyone, and living how others expect us to live while leaving ourselves in the back burner. 

This Full Moon might be one of the most intense this year; due to it being amplified by strong aspects such as Mars (Retrograde) while squaring Saturn. Both are very strong in their home sign. There can be a release of the frustration, anxiety and tension on a collective level so watch out for any events related to anger/tension that might happen around this Full Moon. 

Even after today, the Full Moon energy intensifies as the Moon moves forward and conjuncts Mars while squares Jupiter and Pluto, causing emotional triggers, and on a collective level as well; and as Mars travels backwards, will be quite intense as it squares Pluto and Jupiter again. Bottom line: be gentle with yourself this week and the next few weeks. 

Also, there will be an Irritation Triangle to make matters worse; which is composed of an opposition, a quincunx and a semi-sextile. AstrologyKing.com says the following: “It needs constant movement and activity resulting in shorter or longer periods of hectic overexertion.

The energies stored in the opposition (Sun opposite Moon) are looking for a way to resolve the state of the opposing pressures, the blockage of energy flow, and the rigid attitude they produce. Over the quincunx (Sun quincunx Uranus), you become painfully aware of the liberation of tension as a desperate longing.” (Source: https://astrologyking.com/full-moon-october-1-2020-outrage/)

An irritation Triangle at the Full Moon in Aries; between the Moon, the Sun and Uranus.

The Moon will conjunct Chiron; which gives us an opportunity to heal through releasing outdated structures, patterns, thoughts, especially wounds related to ourselves; how we see ourselves. This aspect can also show us that there is a bigger picture behind our pain; that our pain can be our power. 

A few other aspects with the Moon, such as Uranus can heighten intuition and receiving downloads (quincunx),  with Saturn that can gives us that push to take some time to develop our gifts and crafts (quintile), also our health and vitality are highlighted by a trine (Hygeia). It’s like a way to facilitate our purpose this lifetime by developing our gifts to move forward and sense of well-being overall; since there is also a quintile with the North Node. 

With the Sun, it will also form a quincunx with Uranus; which can help us release those patterns set by society that were imposed to us and formed us to their will; it is time to break free and becoming our most authentic selves. Any aspect of the Sun/Moon with Uranus can bring some unpredictability and nervous energy.

I really love this quote that I found regarding this Full Moon: “The Aries Full Moon is the beginning of the end of the world as we know it. Let’s channel the Aries warrior energy, and ride confidently into the next chapter.” (Forever Conscious) https://foreverconscious.com/intuitive-astrology-aries-full-moon-october-2020

Even though it might be quite intense, and not in the most positive way, this Full Moon is a great opportunity to start fresh after a great release, finding that balance of being considerate of others while asserting yourself and living the way you want, without any fear of judgement; and work on what your soul is calling for; without any outdated structures, beliefs weighing you down.  It’s time to step into your power and fulfill what you came to do this incarnation.

As a note of caution, with Mars Retrograde we should remember not to take on too much; and to listen to our intuition and what our body is telling us. We need periods of downtime and rest between these intense energies; especially if you have done the inner work to release things.